About @protpaw

I am a mixed-methods researcher, balancing user and business-centered approaches with a generous dash of accessibility principles and the spirit of web standards

I know how to:

  • strategize, operationalize and deliver user research
  • build an accessible design system for SSR and SPA contexts
  • create accessible, actionable microcopy
  • own an enterprise product
  • lead remote transformation during the pandemic
  • keep the plates spinning

I started this blog as a portfolio, to have a place where I can showcase my approach to user research, product development and team building

Throughout my career I worked on public e-administration products, like Biznes.gov.pl and eFaktura.gov.pl, with occasional consulting for the Ministry of Digital Affairs’ projects under the gov.pl umbrella, or for the Łukasiewicz Research Network

I lead Developer Experience research at Intel now, in NEX // UXDX (OpenVINO Developer Tools)

You can find me on social networks under @protpaw or write to me at protpaw@gmail.com.